What America stands for to me, stated as simply as possible, is a “safe space.” A place where honest people can be free to become whatever they choose, have a good opportunity to live their dreams, and not be bothered by overregulation by governments, confiscation of their hard-earned incomes through high taxation, not worried and harassed by the shower-head police and the light-bulb police, or the “eat less salt and soda” police.

This is a land where each individual is acknowledged for having the right to make his and her own decisions about how they want to live, as long as it doesn’t include committing crimes or causing harm or diminishment to others of their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

In such a land, people cannot be ostracized or thrown in jail or have their reputation ruined for stating their opinions, even if those opinions are not held by the majority. Nor can they be harmed or deprived of life, liberty or happiness for stating an opinion that another, or a member of some minority, takes offense at. Everyone is a minority of one, and that is the bottom line.

Right now, America is no longer this hallowed safe space that our forefathers envisioned and fought to create for us. The corruption and ill intentions of our entrenched politicians, from the top down, and their actions to bankrupt our nation and remove Americans’ freedoms and tax all its people into oblivion, are unforgivable. They must be voted out and the harm they have done repealed, negated, reversed, before our country is no more.

Look around you, really observe what’s being done in Washington, then vote your conscience next month.